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Stop Leasing Fraud & Prevent Evictions

Detect Fake Documents and Accelerate Your Leasing Process

Detect Fake Paystubs and So Much More

Two Dots fully manages employment & identity verification so your leasing team no longer needs to look at documents.

Multifamily's Most Advanced Fraud Detection

Detecting and stopping fake and edited paytubs, bank statements, and tax transcripts is just the start.  We also verify the applicant's identity with Photo ID facial biometric matching, connect directly to the applicant's bank accounts, and so much more.

Fully Managed Process

We provide Approval and Denial recommendations for applicants so leasing staff don't need to be involved in the process at all.

Integrates With Your Current PMS

Leasing staff don't need to log in to another system or go anywhere besides the property management software you're already using. 

Full Time Support for Leasing Staff

No need to train your staff on a new system, we handle implementation and onboarding so you don't have to lift a finger. We have full time support for you and your leasing staff.

Our Partners

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Integrations and Security

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Leasing?

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