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How To View the Two Dots Reports

This page explains how to make sure the Two Dots reports are being shown in your property management software.  This one time setup takes less than 5 minutes.  


Login to Chrome Using Your Work Email

  1. Click the profile circle on the upper right hand side of chrome 

  2. Make sure you see your work email below your name

  3. If you don't see your work email, then go to the bottom of the profile pop-up and hit + Add

  4. A pop-up will display after you hit add which will let you sign into Chrome using your work email

Logging Into Chrome Work Email.png


Make Sure Chrome Sync is Turned On

  1. Click the profile circle on the upper right hand side of Chrome. and when the drop down menu appears hit the button "Turn on sync..."

  2. A pop-up will appear and its important to follow the next step of the instructions for the pop-up carefully

Turn on Chrome Sync.png


Check the Box "Keep Local Browsing Data" In the Pop-Up Before Hitting Continue

  1. Make sure to check the box shown in red after pressuring  the button "Turn on sync..."

  2. You'll need to check this box before hitting continue, otherwise you'll make duplicate profiles. 

  3. Be sure to press Continue second after selecting the box to keep your local browsing data

keep local browsing data.png


Sign Into Chrome Extension.png

Click The Two Dots Button Next to Your URL Bar and Login

  1. If you don't see the Two Dots button next to your URL bar - make sure you followed steps 1 & 2 above 

  2. If you're still having problems seeing the Two Dots button even after logging into your work email AND enabling sync - you can reach out to the support chat box on the bottom right hand side of this screen or email


Enter Your Work Email Into The Sign In Pop-Up

  1. Make sure your enter your WORK email

  2. After you enter your work email, you'll receive an email with a code 

  3. Enter that code back into the sign in pop-up where your originally put your work email - sometimes it will be hidden behind other windows

  4. You're done!

  5. If any issues - contact the support chat on the bottom right hand side of this page or email

Auth0 Extension Screen.png
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