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Two Dots AI

Two Dots uses the world's most advanced AI to make sure applicants will pay the rent on time before the lease is ever signed.  Our document fraud detection & income verification is very fast for qualified applicants (typically 1 day). We don't flag documents as fake unless we know they're specifically fraudulent.

Paystub Verification

We use forensic analysis to make sure every applicant's paystubs are real, and can even find the old values on edited documents. We only flag pay stubs that we're sure are fraudulent, while making sure qualified applicants are still approved quickly.

Tax Transcript Verification

Self employed applicants?  No problem.  We can detect whether tax transcripts have come directly from the IRS, and make sure they haven't been edited.

Automatic Document Collection

We automatically contact the applicants to collect any missing information, so your leasing agents never have to waste time emailing applicants to collect documents again.

Bank Statement Verification

We don't just verify Paystubs, we also know when Bank Statements are real, and automatically compare the bank statements with other documents to ensure consistency.

Direct Bank Account Linking

In addition to to having the industry's most advanced document fraud detection technology, we can link directly to an applicant's bank account & get verified income and employment data directly from the bank.

Identity Verifcation

Not only do we ensure photo IDs are real, but we perform biometric facial recognition to make sure the applicant submitting the ID is the same person on the document.

What Our Clients Say

chris gray headshot.jpg

Chris Gray, President of Moss & Company

Two Dots fraud detection has been a game-changer for our leasing staff.  Easy to use, simple to integrate, and more effective than every other solution we tried.

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