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Leadership Team with Years of Industry Expertise

Our Founders

Henson Orser - CEO and CoFounder

Henson started his career at Goldman, before making the jump to real estate tech. After spending years in the industry seeing up close how broken the income verification process is, we realized there must be a better way.

Max Ponte - CTO and CoFounder

Max started his career as one of the first engineers on the income verification team at Blend, spending years working on this problem in the mortgage industry before making the jump to work on search at Google.  After experiencing both the excitement of being early at a rapidly scaling startup (Blend is now public), and the mega-scale of search at Google, we decided we were the team to tackle the gigantic problem of payroll data.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Having spent years in this industry, we know no one wants to manage yet another independent technology platform.  That's why we integrate with all your core systems and operate in the background, almost as if we weren't there. 

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